Thursday, 25 April 2013

Health Tips For Cam Girls

Here are some tips to help keep you from running yourself out.  Sitting at the computer in front of the cam for hours at a time can do a number on your body if your not taking time to take care of it.  Keep your body in tip top shape and keep the customers happy.

Use Audio
Instead of typing all the time you can give your hands a rest for abit. 

Use a Bed or Comfy Chair
I've heard of girls using the hard floor to cam from.  When your working for hours at a time that can get very uncomfortable on the body.

Take a Break
When your slows down and which it will from time to time.  Go for a walk, stretch, give your eyes a rest from the computer

Keep Water Near By

Use Lube
Face it, your not always going to be 100% turned on and ready to go.  With a little lube you can continue on with the show with no problems. Avoid having sore genitals.

Switch Hands
When using the mouse, toys, etc...Switch up your hands. 

Have an Assortment of Toys
Often customers will make requests and it's nice having what they are looking for.  Have your toys cleaned and ready to go.  Remember do not switch between vagina, anal, vagina with the same toy.  Even if the customer begs.  You don't want to be causing an infection and having to take time off work.

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