Friday, 22 March 2013

A Guide To Being an Independent Cam Girl

So, you have decided to branch off on your own or maybe your just jumping straight in and you need some guidance.  I put together this little guide to being a Independent Cam Girl.  Since now you will be doing all the advertising to bring in customers, taking care of payment processing and everything else your really going to be working your butt off.  In the end it is worth it.

Where to start?
Most commonly independent webcam girls work off of yahoo messenger or Skype now-a-days.  It offers text chat along with allowing people to stream and view webcams.  Come up with a screen name you want to be known as and stick to it on any other sites/forums/directories you join related to adult web cam shows.

What do I need?
All you need to start is a computer with internet access, web cam and your sexy self.  Remember this is your job and your not just sitting at home being lazy.  Do yourself up and look good.  Put some time and effect into doing your make-up & hair before getting on cam.  Having some sexy lingerie and/or sexy costumes to change into is helpful.  Also sex toys are great and sometimes asked for during shows, but not a must have when first starting out.  

How much do I charge?
This really all depends on you and what the going price is at the time you start.  Look around at what other cam girls are charging and come up with a price from there.  If you offer extras such as fetish, costume change, anal, or even another partner your price can be a little higher.

How do I take payments?
I want to start this off by saying DO NOT take paypal payments.  Paypal does not support adult business.  Which includes adult webcam shows.  So, explore your options.  You have many choices from email transfers, e-gift cards, other companies like paypal that are adult friendly.   I'll go into more detail on another day, so check back.

Where Can I Advertise?
 Self advertising is a must when it comes to bringing in more customersSince your now with a big established site you need to work harder to bring people in.  Get listed on directories, social networking sites, some other independent cam girls offer free link exchange.

I have put together a list of sites that offer free advertising.  This will be updated as I come across more.  If you know of any not mentioned let me know!

Independent cam girls, Skype cam girls, yahoo cam girls, msn cam girls

We Cam Girls
Cam Girl Directory
Cam Model Directory
Cam Girl Spot
Adult Space
Cam Girl Services

It's always a good idea to have a blog or a site to list everything you offer in shows.  Example of somethings you may offer
  • Sexy Costumes
  • Cam2Cam
  • Toys
  • Big Toys
  • Anal
  • Fetish
  • Phone
Make sure to always receive your payments up front and start the show promptly.  You don't need a set schedule, but it certainly helps.  Repeat customers often buy shows for the same time again.  Stay active and advertise daily when your online for shows or offering discounts or deals.  Some cam girls also offer picture/video sets for an additional income. 

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