Friday, 22 March 2013

Fun Sex Facts Week #2

- The average life of a latex condom is 2 years
- Condoms exposed to smog and ozone are less effective
- Sex is a natural antihistamine
- The vagina is self cleaning
- People use to think masturbation could lead to blindness, madness & diseases

- Single women are more likely to be attracted to men who are taken
- Exercise will improve your sexual response
- 58% of men and women who watch porn feel more comfortable with their sexuality
- Having sex can help your immune system
- Eye contact can increase sexual attraction
- Cuddling is great for you. Studies show that couples who cuddle are 8 times less likely to be depressed
- Foot fetish & Shoe fetish are the most common sexual fetish in Western society
- Women orgasms cause the area of the brain that is associated with fear to shut off
- On average a man will have 7 sexual partners and a woman will have 4
- Kissing can help reduce tooth decay
- People thought masturbation could cause one to have hairy palms

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