Friday, 15 March 2013

Fun Sex Facts

To kick it off...

- The vibrator was invented back in the 19th century.  It was made to reduce hysteria.
- Sex is more effective than Valium
- Masturbation can help relieve depression
- Sex will help cure headaches because during sex the body releases endorphins.

-  An average length of a penis is 5-6 inches
- The longest penis recoded is 13 inches and the smallest comes in at 1 inch
- Sperm does contain calories.  On average 5-7 per teaspoon.
- Sperm can live in the female body for up to 7 days with the right environment
- Vigorous sex will burns calories
- Condoms date back to the fifteenth century.  Originally they were made using animal intestines
- Sperm is actually good for your skin! who would have known.  It has a tightening effect to the skin once it dries so, it helps with anti-aging to prevent wrinkles.  You may not want to walk around in public with this on your face though...? ;p
- Your pubic hair will never grow as long as your hair on the head because it is controlled like the rest of the hair on the human body.
- Women tend to prefer having sex in the dark
- Women libido peak right before their periods start
- Most women need the clitoris stimulated during sex to reach orgasm

What's a "Merkin"?
It is a pubic wig used after shaving the pubic region.  Merkins date back the 1450's and were originally used by prostitutes.  It would help for personal hygiene and fight off pubic lice & cover up any signs of disease.  They can be used by both men and women and used for erotic devices, decorative items and in films now a days.  They are used used in films during nude scenes.

Staying on the topic of prostitutes the word "blow job" comes from the Victorian times when prostitutes were called "blowsy" and ejaculation was called "blow."  In Ancient Greece the term for blow job was "playing the flute"

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